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Start of classes 05/17/2022 • End of classes 08/25/2022


The Escolinha de Kart appeared in 2018, since the beginning of Speed Park. The project, which is now in its 4th edition, has instructed children and adolescents, far beyond the  cartismo. The objective is to encourage the practice of motorsport, aiming at social inclusion, sport, leisure and education. With the support of the Department of Sports of the State of São Paulo, the encouraged project has already trained hundreds of children. In classes, they learn not only about karting, but also receive lectures on traffic safety, outdoor classes, mechanics and much more.

What is the purpose of the Kart School?

• Provide children and young people with karting lessons and general notions about motor sport, free of charge for all participants •
• Develop sportsmanship and collective work •
• Stimulate the regular practice of physical activities •
• Stimulate group work •
• Foster motorsport in the region •

about the tutor
Cassio Oliveira Bertotti

"Chef of the Extreme Motor Sport team. Team leader for 26 years, I started in karting in a game between friends, participating in amateur races in the interior of São Paulo. In 1996 I started my own Extreme Motor Sport team, where over the years I worked with several renowned pilots, such as Conta, Felipe Massa, Marcos Gomes and Caca Bueno in the big event Desafio das Estrelas. Filho, in the cadet category where we reached the podium as Brazilian champion de  routes in the micro max category, at the Kartódromo da Granja Viana. of Brazilian champion at the Beto Carreiro kart track. Today I follow my work at the Speed Park kart track, where we had countless victories and titles in the championships held by the Speed Park."  


• Two-time Brazilian Champion / Ricardo Gracia
• Brazilian vice-champion bullshit / Gabriel Crepaldi
• Three times South Brazilian champion / Julio Pires, Kevin Gotens and Ricardo Gracia
• Two-time champion from São Paulo / Lucca Croce and Olin Galli
• Fourth Paranaense Champion / Ricardo Gracia and Gabriel Crepaldi

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