Welcome to the most modern and safe Kart track in Latin America



A fun ride with an electric jeep, in an incredible setting with angry dinosaurs. At Dino Park, little ones and little ones have fun facing a great adventure. 15 Min of attraction. R $ 15.00 (10% cash discount)

Kids Kart

Children's kart, or Cadet, of 6.5 hp, it is necessary to have closed shoes, the child receives safety equipment, 10 min of orientation and 20 min of running, value 49.00 children from 7 to 12 years (maximum height of 1 , 40 m). R $ 39 (10% cash discount)


It is never too early to train conscientious citizens in traffic. Ideal for children aged 3 to 7 years.

10 min of traffic education class + 20 min ride with electric car through the mini city, the child receives a CNH with his photo and a fine ticket to learn, playing! minimum height of 90 cm and maximum height 140 cm. R $ 20,00 (10% discount in cash)

10 min of class + 20 min of walking on the Senninha track with electric formula car, the child receives overalls and helmet, it is necessary to have shoes attached to the foot. 39.00, children aged 3 to 7, minimum height of 90 cm and maximum of 1.40

Speed Park Race Track strollers are guaranteed fun without size!

Play with your kids or friends on an amazing miniature track to see who's the fastest.


R. Antônio Bersanetti, 400 - Novo Jardim Stabile, Birigui - SP, 16204-390

 Praça Dr. Gama, 252 - Centro, Birigui - SP, 16200-003

 R. Olavo Bilac, 299 - Centro, Araçatuba - SP, 16010-050

Av. Brasília, 1775 - Vila Sao Paulo, Araçatuba - SP, 16018-000

Rod Marechal Rondon Km 524 - 18 3638-3050